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Our history

Since 1986 we have been collecting data from radio stations and making it available to a constantly growing community on various websites. We are driven by the fascination of technology, wave propagation and the huge range of content We believe in the power and importance of radio as a medium that connects us with other people.

In 2012 we founded Radio Data Center to support professional users and commercial projects at the highest level. With our work we document the current “footprint” of radio worldwide and enable the development of innovative products and solutions for radio reception.

Our employees around the globe work constantly to keep our data up to date.

15.022 Radio programs

24.886 Transmitters

4.667 Radio programs

8.346 Transmitters

8.923 Radio programs

54.845 Transmitters

2.991 Radio programs

11.219 Transmitters

115 Radio programs

750 Transmitters

463 Radio programs

1.939 Transmitters


active stations




radio stations

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Radio Data Center offers you numerous services in all aspects of the radio landscape that meet your requirements.

Station data and logos for infotainment systems

Station logos ensure quick recognition of the program you are listening to or the programm you would like to listen to – less distraction for the driver, more brand loyalty for stations and listeners!


Talk to our experts about your questions, wishes and ideas. Confidentiality is a matter of course – so is independence. Technical competence, entrepreneurial thinking and a profound data pool ensure the successful achievement of your goals.

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Licensed use of data

The development, operation and constant updating of the worldwide transmitter database is time-consuming and would be impossible without our international team of database editors – the internet is full of outdated and incorrect data. We finance our expenditures from our own resources by charging license fees for the use of the data. This keeps our offer independent of interest groups and free of advertising. This way our offer remains independent of interest groups and free of advertising.

Services for radio stations

Including and updating station data in our database is free of charge for radio stations. We support radio stations with technical problems related to modern car radios.

Services for Automotive

Preparation and evaluation of test drives? Search for special test scenarios? Up-to-date data and information on DAB services at any time? We provide individual and flexible support – from DayPass to Corporate Support to WebApp!

Analysis and studies

When it comes to making well-informed decisions which are based on facts, you should consult an expert. We analyse, research and assess all questions relating to radio reception. Independent, technically competent, and well networked.

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Innovative thinking, strategic work and a young, creative team are the success factors for new ideas and projects.

AIRI - the right choice for children's radio

The first global radio app for children offers an exclusively child- and age-appropriate radio experience. Whether fairy tale hour, science show, audio play or dance music. Through the discovery mode, children discover the world from home. AIRI is ideal for teaching children media awareness without worrying about exposure to inappropriate content.

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RadioReporter – a global radio community

On our social networks we get in contact with other radio enthusiasts, bring listeners and radio producers together. We bring the medium of radio to our community by regularly sharing interesting and relevant topics on all our channels. RadioReporter motivates and inspires people from all over the world to discover, enjoy and discuss the world of radio. the world of radio.

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Radio All Africa

Radio is considered a fundamental mass medium in Africa because it has the greatest reach and the highest number of listeners compared to television, newspapers and other communication technologies. The aim of this project is to promote knowledge about the radio landscape of the African continents and to give it greater visibility at international, national and regional level.

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Academic Services

You need reliable radio data for your project or your work? Or you are writing your research paper and need an expert in the radio environment? Then RDC Academic Services is the right place for you! We want to support researchers, students and all other academic staff with information, insights, data and services. Visit our Academic Services website now.

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We provide all interested parties with the best possible data on radio stations. Therefore, we collect, maintain, update and process data about radio stations from all over the world.


We are the independent land surveyors and cartographers of the radio landscape and share our knowledge with everyone interested in radio. In this way we want to strengthen the medium radio.


We work fairly and respectfully with people and companies in harmony with nature and the environment. Our employees enjoy a maximum of flexibility because of remote working.


Günter Lorenz

born 1961, is a database specialist and has been working with software and radio since his youth. He founded the station database, FMLIST in 1986. His other main areas of expertise are USW, RDS, DAB, wave propagation and reception technology.

Oliver Schmidt

born 1984, is a graduate geographer. He studied applied physical geography at the University of Trier and has extensive knowledge in the branches of remote sensing and meteorology. He also focuses on DAB, wave propagation, GIS-based simulation and visualization.

Fabrizio Carnevalini

born in 1958, is a professional journalist. He has 20 years of experience in the editorial staff of radio and TV magazines and in the magazine alVolante, the best-selling Italian car magazine. He writes texts for the RadioReporter Blog with radio news of international relevance and is an avid radio listener.



Technical editors, phoneticians, graphic designers, radio technology and wave propagation specialists, lawyers, data scientists, quality managers, geographers and computer scientists, are just a few of the specialist team members that we employ.


Our team consists of a diverse group of people from all over the world. What unites us is our interest in radio. Many discover their personal favorite radio, a new music style or the fascination of other cultures at Radio Data Center.

Soft skills

Many of our employees are multilingual, talented musicians and visual artists, patient parents and excellent hobby cooks. Everyone brings different cultures and values to the company and opens our eyes and ears to all of them.


We have been maintaining successful relationships with our customers and partners in the following industries for many years:

radio stations
radio listeners
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If yes, then become part of our international team! Work flexibly according to your own daily rhythm, when you want and where you want. If you are interested in radio and in one of the areas of database editing, phonetics or graphics production, send us an application or take a look at our LinkedIn profile, where we always publish the latest job advertisements. Here we always publish the latest job offers.
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Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

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