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RDC is the new publisher of the WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook)

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

At the end of 2021, the “end of WRTH” was announced with the publication of WRTH 2022. But the WRTH is back, more complete and up-to-date than ever! And the “Directory of Global Broadcasting” is now also available as a web app!

The new publisher, Radio Data Center GmbH (RDC), was founded in 2012 to provide professional data delivery and services to the broadcasting-related business and industry. Günter Lorenz founded FMLIST in 1986, the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date database for FM broadcasting. It went online in 2005 at fmlist.org and was soon supplemented by MWLIST, the counterpart for medium and shortwave radio. Oliver Schmidt is Managing Director of RDC and Chairman of the Board of the FM/TV-Arbeitskreis e.V., the owner of FMLIST, and publisher of the books “Sender-Tabelle” and “European Radio Guide”. The global RDC team defines its work, which extends community-based databases to a professional level, as “mapping the global radio landscape”.

What exactly is the WRTH?

The World Radio TV Handbook is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive directory of global broadcasting. It contains full details of radio broadcasts and stations on LW, MW (AM), KW (SW) FM and DAB, broken down by country, as well as details of national television.

The current issue 2023 contains articles about the history of radio in Andorra, radio in the Falkland Islands, how traffic information works on the radio, about RDS (Radio Data System), Airi – the world of radio for children, the evaluation of DX data, DRM-KW broadcasting at the BBC World Service as well as other regular articles and updated world maps.

There are also reviews of the latest receivers and antennas, including the ELAD FDM-S3, the Reuter RDR52, the BELKA DX and the Stampfl Active Dipole. The main part of the book is full of information on national and international broadcasts and stations, secret and propaganda stations, , MW and SW frequencies and are complemented by an extensive reference section.

The national radio section of the book now contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on FM, DAB and HD radio. WRTH 2023 is 848 pages long.


The World Radio TV Handbook is the world’s most accurate and comprehensive directory of global broadcasting.

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