Airi – the radio app for little ears

Did you know that there are hundreds of radio stations around the world just for kids? And did you know that there is no central source to find them? That’s why we developed Airi. The globally first app that bundles children’s radio stations from all over the world and prepares them safely for little ears.

Airi thus makes a diverse universe of children’s radio stations available to families worldwide.

What Airi offers

  • Airi is 100% safe for kids
  • Airi combines 250+ channels from more than 40 countries in one app
  • Airi is available in 8 languages
  • Airi allows each family member to have their own profile
  • Airi has a PIN-protected parent area and gives parents the possibility to individualize the channel list for each child
  • Airi is educational and teaches first geographic knowledge

Try it today for free.