What is it exactly?

As radio presenters, ongoing training is of great importance. This is true not only for newcomers to the field, but also for professionals. So that the moderators can constantly improve their performance, there are so-called airchecks.

The Aircheck is a recording of the recorded programme. In this case, however, only the programme is recorded. The music insertions are missing. After the recording, the airchecks are analysed together and there is feedback and training through the programme performance. The recording is often broken down into small passages and checked.

So airchecks can definitely be called a work sample of the radio presenter.

Why airchecks are so important

Airchecks enable moderators to control themselves. For example, they discover technical inaccuracies. But it also happens from time to time that presenters have linguistic slips or you notice during recordings that you should be a bit more relaxed during live interviews.

Airchecks are especially important for experienced facilitators, as habits acquired over the years can be recognised and possibly corrected.

Airchecks therefore serve the further development of every radio presenter and are therefore essential.